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I offer counselling for a wide range of situations and circumstances both in-person and online.  This enables you to speak to a therapist in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire or in your own home and still receive the support you need. Whether you have recently suffered loss or bereavement, experienced a traumatic event, are struggling to cope with health problems, or are experiencing challenges in your family, my therapy is a great place to begin.




Counselling sessions are £60 for each 50 minute session (concessions can be discussed).

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Free 15-minutes Initial Consultation

Whether you require counselling in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire in-person or online, I provide a free 15 minute telephone consultation to see how we work together, and whether my therapy will be constructive to your wellbeing. This initial session allows us to briefly discuss your needs, goals, and determine if my services are a good fit for you.

It's an opportunity for you to ask questions and get to know my counselling approach. Once we have established a connection we can then book subsequent appointments, and begin to help you deal with your problems together.




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To arrange an initial discovery call, click the button below, or call me directly on 07918 276125 (feel free to leave a message if I cannot answer right away).

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Our Counselling Sessions


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Face-to-Face Counselling

In-person counselling sessions are conducted in a comfortable and confidential setting, allowing for deeper exploration of your thoughts and feelings.

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Online Counselling

As an online therapist in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, I offer this counselling to provide flexibility and convenience for those unable to attend face-to-face sessions. Sessions are conducted securely via video call.

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Life Events Counselling

I offer counselling services to support individuals dealing with various life events. I provide empathic and professional assistance to help you navigate through these challenging times.



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Counselling for Various Life Events


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Bereavement Counselling 

Coping with the loss of a loved one can be overwhelming. Bereavement counselling offers a safe space to express your grief and receive support during this difficult period.

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Job Loss Counselling 

Losing a job can lead to feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. Counselling sessions can help you manage the emotional impact of job loss and explore new opportunities for growth.

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Anxiety and Depression Counselling 

Anxiety and depression can significantly impact your daily life. As a therapist in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, I offer evidence-based techniques to manage symptoms and improve overall well-being.



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Dealing with the trauma can be painful Abuse counselling provides a safe and confidential environment to explore your experiences and work towards healing.

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Family Challenges

Family conflicts and challenges can strain relationships and impact mental health. Family counselling services aim to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and strengthen familial bonds.


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Suicide and
Suicide Ideation Counselling 

If you're struggling with suicidal thoughts or have lost someone to suicide, I am here to provide compassionate support and help you find hope and healing.

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Health Counselling 

Coping with health issues or infertility can be painful Counselling services offer support and guidance as you navigate through the complexities of health-related challenges.


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Tailoring your counselling to your needs

This list is not exhaustive, and I offer my services as a therapist in Berkshire for a wide range of problems and difficulties that you may be experiencing.

If you are unsure, feel free to send an email. As a BCAP registered therapist, I will deal with every enquiry with the utmost tact, confidence, and professional discretion.

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