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Family Challenges Counselling

From communication to understanding

Family conflicts and challenges can create tension, stress, and emotional turmoil for everyone involved. My family counselling services aim to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and strengthen familial bonds.

Whether you're navigating through parent-child conflicts, marital issues, or intergenerational conflicts, I provide a neutral and supportive space for all family members to express themselves, identify underlying dynamics, and work towards mutual understanding and harmony.






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Helping you build bridges and stronger bonds

My garden summerhouse is ideal for in-person therapy sessions, where tranquillity and privacy are paramount. Here, you can freely express your emotions and receive the personalised support and advice you seek.

Prefer online counselling? You have the freedom to choose your setting, though I recommend a quiet, indoor space where you can speak with assurance. As an esteemed full member of the BACP, I adhere to strict confidentiality standards and ethical principles, prioritising your well-being and trust.