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Abuse counselling

Helping you towards healing and recovery

Dealing with the trauma of abuse requires specialised support and understanding. My abuse counselling services provide a safe and confidential environment for survivors to explore their experiences, process their emotions, and work towards healing and recovery. I offer validation, empathy, and empowerment as you reclaim your sense of self-worth, rebuild your confidence, and establish healthier boundaries in your relationships.




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Bringing you a safe environment to manage your trauma

In the peaceful seclusion of my garden room, embark on your face-to-face therapy journey. This tranquil space fosters openness and reflection, allowing you to articulate your emotions and receive the guidance and support you deserve.

Opting for online counselling? The decision is yours, but I suggest a quiet, indoor setting where you can communicate confidently. As a committed full member of the BACP, I prioritise confidentiality and ethical conduct, ensuring your trust and comfort throughout our sessions.