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Job loss counselling

Coping with redundancy or unemployment

Losing a job can trigger feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, and self-doubt. My job loss counselling sessions are designed to help you cope with the emotional impact of unemployment, navigate through the challenges of job searching or career transitions, and discover new opportunities for personal and professional growth. I provide practical guidance, emotional support, and empowerment to help you regain a sense of confidence and direction in your life.





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Renewing your direction and resilience

When you choose face-to-face therapy, every counselling session unfolds in my serene and secluded garden room. This tranquil environment provides the perfect backdrop for you to articulate your emotions freely and receive the guidance and support you seek.

Opting for online counselling? The choice of setting is yours, though I advise selecting a quiet, indoor space where you can communicate confidently. As a proud full member of the BACP, I adhere rigorously to a code of confidentiality, ensuring your privacy and maintaining impeccable ethical standards.